We're trying to find these 35 classmates and connect with them. For some, we have some information, but it's turning out to be bogus. For others, we simply can't find any trace of them. If you know anything about them, or know someone such as a friend, sibling or relative who might have some information, please let us know via the "Contact Scott" tab on the left. Without a middle initial, or a gal's married name, finding information is really tough. Thanks!
David Heil
David William Smith
Edward Brown
Gary Louis Holm
Gerald Dever
Gerald Eugene Russell
James A. Watson
James (Jim) C. Erickson
James Edgar Hughes
Jean Ann McKee (Roush)
Jeannene C. LaGuardia
Jerry Chaney
John A. Kenfield
John Michael Warnick
Karen Foster (Brunzell)
Karen Raye Olson (Chandler)
Kathryn (Kathy) Keller
Kathy Falbo (Thompson)
Ken Galambos
Larry Holmes
Linda Sue Brandt
Linda Trevithick (Todd)
Mara Moder/Modair
Marilyn Jean Nelson
Mary Sue Swanson
Patricia Marion Patterson
Richard Arlin Baker 
Richard (Rick) Kent Moody
Robert Eugene Fryar
Roger Harrison
Ronald Irwin Palcic
Sherran (Sherri) Strong (Webster)
Susan Brown (Rottmiller) 
Vernon Pratt
Wayne Roland Morton